Privacy Policy

You are one of the valuable customers of and your privacy is our prime concern. We do realize how much you care about how we use your personal information but we assure you that, we take your privacy seriously and follow appropriate standards. This privacy policy is proposed to make you aware of the information we collect from you, how we collect the information and how we use it but you have an option of not allowing us to access your personal details and in such case, you will be denied to access any offers that the company releases.

What personal information do we collect from you?

While making a purchase with TicketGoose, we may ask you to provide the following information;Name, Address, Phone Number, Credit Card details, Date of Birth, Age and Gender. This information is required to process and confirm your transactions and keep you informed of each transaction status.

Sharing of your information

TicketGoose does not sell your information to any third party vendor except in compliance with this policy or as needed by subpoena or in the case of any other legal processes. All your payment transactions on our website are processed by a secured payment provider and TicketGoose does not store any in their repositories. If needed, these details will be shared with the third parties on account of cash back or discounts. For promotional offers, we do share your mobile no, email-id and address but again if you aren't interested you can opt-out and offers will not be applicable. We take necessary steps to protect your information by implementing latest technology, security features and strict guidelines from unauthorized accesses.


Cookies are text files that are transferred from our website to your browser that will be helpful for your next visit to our site. You also have an option of allowing or blocking the cookie we send it to you. Based on your visit to our site and your interaction with our services, certain third party vendors may use this information about your visit for target advertisements for goods or services but such parties will not know your name, phone number or any other details.

What Android permissions are required while using our App

Below are the lists of permissions TicketGoose may require when you install the app.

Account Identity and Contacts: This permission permits us to access your details of your account on your mobile device. We use this info to ease your work by auto-filling your email id and phone number when needed rather than you typing. We use your contact info to allow you to share your ticket for live tracking. Besides these, we send promotional offers as well and by allowing us to access your contacts, we send referral surprises to you on every transfer to your friends.

Device and App History: For detecting any critical issues or for restoring the app status, we require your permission for accessing your device info like OS version, mobile network, and hardware model and a device identifier.

Location and SMS: To help you locate hotels, airports and cabs nearby your location and to auto-populate the OTP received on your device when you make a transaction, this permission has to be enabled.

Calendar: This permission helps us in showing your booking details on your calendar.

Phone: You can call our customer support team through this app and we require your access for this.

Photo/Media/Files and Storage: With your permission, we allow you to install the app either on your SD card or device memory and provide you a flawless map-based bus booking. We are required to use Camera for uploading a profile photo.

Wi-Fi Connection Information: When you allow us to detect the Wi-Fi connection, we provide optimized experiences like better image loading and more detailing on maps.

Device ID and Call Information: This permission is helpful for us in identifying unique users through your Android ID and with your contact details; we can populate certain fields to give you a seamless experience.

Microphone: We require this permission to enable you to record audio for live chat purposes.

Modification of Policy

TicketGoose reserves the right to change the policy at any time and the updated policy will be posted here. We request you to kindly check our website policy frequently to see recent changes.

This policy was lastly modified on March 2017

Thank you for your interest with TicketGoose!